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Stefan Cherwoniak
Executive Chef

reputation as a chef who creates well-balanced and healthy meals as well as having a back-to-basics cooking style with a gourmet flare. The diner often tastes hints of Europe and the rest of the world in Stefan's menus.

His impeccable palate and knack for food & wine pairings enable him to create a natural flow to the courses. The combination of simplicity and sophistication in his meals leaves a diner satisfied yet asking for when he is available next.

With his twelve years experience in the hospitality industry, Stefan Cherwoniak has been involved in every facet the industry has to offer. His passion has been for designing innovative recipes combined with underpinnings of strong, traditional flavors.

Traveling through the European countryside, Stefan immersed himself in the culture of food. He was able to refine his palate and culinary techniques while sampling the local cuisine and wines. Stefan also completed a sommelier course in the vineyards of world-renown Laguiole, France.

Between travels, Stefan has worked in some of the finest restaurants in his hometown of Edmonton. As well, he helped open some well-known local bistros, which helped establish his